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At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen By Amy Chaplin

This book will make you wish you lived “at home” in Amy Chaplin’s whole food kitchen.
There are so many vegetarian cookbooks popping up everywhere, but this one really stands out from the healthy crowd.
The book strikes a nice balance between gourmet recipes to make for special occasions and basic go-to meals and cooking tips for everyday dining.

Chaplin’s book differs from other health books written by bloggers and home chefs in that her techniques are professional and refined.
However, unlike books by many professional chefs, Chaplin’s recipes are neither didactic nor complicated.

Chaplin’s writing is lovely and inviting and the book mixes everyday basics and her own weekly menu rotation with some pieces de résistance for wowing guests.

For Amy Chaplin, eating well is indeed an art form – the photos are beautiful and the recipes are creative and unique.

The book is a veritable vegetable opus with more than 400 pages of 150 recipes and a detailed pantry-stocking plan complete with basic cooking techniques, nutrition information and healthy tips.
The book doesn’t include any labels, which is quite refreshing, but all of the recipes are vegetarian, most of them are vegan and several are gluten-free.
This is a great book for vegetarians and carnivores alike and really does a great job of marrying local produce with basic grain recipes for every season. For Amy Chaplin, eating well is indeed an art form – the photos are beautiful and the recipes are creative and unique.
She makes a simple staple of perfectly cooked quinoa just as exciting as a beet tartlet with poppy seed crust and white bean fennel filling, herbed black quinoa muffins with sweet potato and caramelized onions or a fragrant eggplant curry with cardamom-infused basmati rice, tangy apricot chutney and cucumber lime raita.

Nibble on innovative snacks like black sesame rice crackers, rustic pea spread or curried socca with cilantro coconut chutney.
And make sure to save room for the delicious dessert section, filled with vegan and refined sugar-free masterpieces like a pumpkin tartlet with cashew ginger crust, a strawberry vanilla custard tart or citrus coconut cupcakes, a sweet ending to a delicious read!

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