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‘Tis the last and final inning
you briskly shot through Halloween
you jump-roped over Thanksgiving
to finish strong, you are so keen.
‘Tis the season to be sprinting!

Your heart rate steadily raises
your Fitbit pulse which indicates
that in merely twelve short days
the entire world celebrates.
This throws you in a festive craze!

You see partridges and French hens
in a frenzy, wings a-flapping
zooming by and losing all sense
as you fail to complete shopping
and research holiday gift trends.

You have never been busier
attended so many parties
where all the more, the merrier.
At the first lull, you’ll wrap goodies
then send greetings by carrier.

You welcome with jolly ado
family and host graciously
while a million tasks you pursue.
Why not treat your dear guests grandly
and cook for them your favorite stew?

With a loud cheer, quite imperial
they hail your dish under garlands,
and tell jokes, some controversial.
You don’t have enough of two hands
to seize these moments so special.

As you approach the finish line,
you shift your thoughts and stop to fret.
The mindless running you resign
and stand in wise stillness to let
the vibrant holiday joy shine.

Claire Champy

Claire Champy was formally trained in Finance and pursued a career in asset management up until recently when she took a career break to raise her three children. Her hobbies are painting and writing. She paints acrylic abstracts and writes poetry in English and French, her native language.

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