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Close snapshot of Afiya Bennett by Timothy Rosado

A Weekend with Afiya Bennett

A fellow blogger and high-fashion model, Afiya Bennett is a walking icon for health, diversity, and empowerment in the fashion industry.

A fellow beloved blogger and poised high-fashion model, Afiya Bennett is a walking icon for health, diversity and empowerment in the fashion industry. As an ambassador for Fiji Water, she is a symbol for health, fitness and wellness in both her career and personal life. In recent spreads for Marie Claire Indonesia and D’Scene Magazine, Bennett pays homage to iconic women of color– Naomi Campbell and Diana Ross– as she herself inspires young black women to create similar legacies for themselves. BWB had the chance to “spend a weekend” with Afiya and find out what goes on behind her glamorous photoshoots and decadent red carpet galas.

Friday day-to-night look?

Friday day-to-night look would have to be a cute black dress with some strappy heel sandals. This look is great for during the day or even dinner at night.

Editorial business casual photo of Afiya Bennett by Kyle Deleu Photo by Kyle Deleu

Weekend dinner plans?

Weekend dinner plans would have to be at Buddakan or NOBU Downtown, I love Japanese food.

Favorite homemade meal?

My favorite homemade meal would be turkey wings with white rice and strings beans. My mom used to make this meal on Sundays and it’s still one of my favorites.

B&W photo of Afiya Bennett by Bryan Whitely

Photo by Bryan Whitely

Saturday Ritual?

Saturday Ritual would be running errands and then getting dolled up for date night with my fiancé.

Sunday run or relax?

Sundays are for church and relaxing. I spend all week running around, so it’s nice to have Sunday to take it easy and regroup for the week.

Afiya Bennett posing in red pant suit, photo by Cesar Balcazar

Photo by Cesar Balcazar

Go-to beauty routine and favorite brands?

My go-to beauty routine would be CeraVe facial wash, and then Kiehl’s range, especially the Dark Spot Corrector, SPF 50 and Midnight Recovery Oil!

Travel essentials for a weekend getaway and favorite brands?

My travel essentials for a weekend getaway are definitely my facial regime, a flat iron, gym clothes, cute sundress and sandals, a bikini and my makeup bag.

A cherished memory since you started modeling?

A cherished memory since I started modeling was when I landed a billboard in Times Square. At that moment, I realized anything in this world is possible. No dream is too big or too small, you just need the tenacity and opportunity to get there.

B&W headshot of Afiya Bennett

As a millennial, what are your favorite apps, and how do you like to use social media?

As a millennial, my favorite apps are Instagram and Twitter. I use social media as a tool more than anything. It allows me to build the brand I desire to be, share what I value and be an inspiration to others who are on the journey with me.

Header photo by Timothy Rosado

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