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Vis-à-Vis with Violette YouTube Beauty Guru-Turned-Makeup Ambassador

Estée Lauder’s global beauty director and YouTube makeup guru Violette is our go-to resource for everything French, fabulous and fierce.

A Parisian beauty raised by a famous French hairstylist, Violette was born into a life of glamour, high fashion and style. Now a global beauty director and YouTube makeup guru, Violette is our go-to resource for everything French, fabulous and fierce. After years of undergoing arts education, making candid tutorial videos, and building up a red-carpet repertoire, Violette is shooting for a brand of her very own and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

                                      Photo Credit: Steven Pan

From the beginning of her career, Violette has found deep, meaningful inspiration in art, fashion and nature. Even from the beginning of her life, Violette’s “art education started when [she] was just three years old!” Violette later pursued this education with classes at Paris’s elite École du Louvre and a less formal, more bohemian stay in the South of France among a community of painters.

In fondly recalling this experience, Violette describes, “They taught me how to create my own colors. To this day, I never use a finished makeup product. I love to mix and I have no limitations.” Violette also attended a prep course for a fashion design school, but soon realized that makeup was more of a calling for her than fashion: “What really appeals to me is to dress a woman with makeup.” Nature is also a constant source of vision for Violette’s creations: “I love to take strolls in gardens. I admire the colors and textures around me.”

To this day, I never use a finished makeup product. I love to mix and I have no limitations.

While social networks were barely present when Violette started her career, she always found opportunities to express herself in different ways. Through the recent emergence of social media, she has begun to think about photos differently now that she shares them amongst her followers. She was immediately seduced by the power of communicating and sharing her makeup secrets with a growing number of women. The instant success of her YouTube videos took her by surprise: “I posted my first video almost three years ago. It was a simple makeup session filmed at the bar of a café. It was a rather unusual tutorial, and I remember that there was a glass of red wine on the bar. At first, I thought that this would not be very popular.” However, her unusual approach was actually very well-received by women viewers and recognized by the press.

Today, our young makeup expert is a true entrepreneur who has successfully developed her niche and established relationships with big-name brands like Estée Lauder; in fact, Violette just signed a partnership agreement with the brand for the third time! She also creates content for many clients and is developing new partnerships with jewelry and clothing lines. Violette’s dynamic worth ethic is highly motivated by her time in the US: “The American mentality is so dynamic, it has really allowed me to create and broaden my horizon.”

I use Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum as a base and whenever my skin feels very dry, I apply it on top of my makeup, which gives a ‘juicy’ effect on the skin!

The young Parisian also adores her own personal beauty routine.  Her favorite brand for facial care is Biologique Recherche, particularly for the Vernix Mask, VIP mask and signature serums. She also loves the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. Here is her inside scoop on using the dynamic product: “I use it as a base and whenever my skin feels very dry, I apply it on top of my makeup, which gives a ‘juicy’ effect on the skin! When I travel by plane, I always carry one of their ‘foil’ masks to apply on the face. Plumping and moisturizing effects guaranteed!”

For the body, she prefers African Botanics, which is a very “natural-oriented brand, and it is ideal for pregnant women,” as well as Swedish intimate skincare line, DeoDoc – founded by two sisters who set out to create products that they themselves would want to use.

Her perfume of choice is actually one she created in collaboration with the brand IN FIORE, ‘Baiser de Jasmin.’

Curious about her other recommendations for makeup? Her choices are minimalist and ultra-efficient: “My favorite foundation is Estée Lauder. There is a great variety of tones. Many people do not know that if you go to an Estée Lauder counter, they have a machine able to measure your skin tone and match it perfectly with one of their foundations. The result is a second-skin effect, and it works perfectly. Sometimes, I combine it with the Advanced Night Repair Serum or add an extra layer if I need it.

For my lips, I am devoted to an ultra-deep red liquid lipstick; it sticks perfectly and doesn’t dry the lips.

I use Laura Mercier concealer, or sometimes cheaper concealers from Sephora. Their makeup brushes are also really good and affordable.

I am less faithful to a brand for mascara, but right now I am using the Milk one. I love the ColourPop eyeshadows because you apply them like a balm for a super-glam result!”

Today, our Parisian beauty has become quite the New Yorker who enjoys Manhattan just as much as Brooklyn. In the evenings, we can find her at Sant Ambroeus downtown, enjoying a simple yet delightful cuisine. The next morning, you may find her at La Mercerie for a very ‘frenchie’ breakfast. And for a romantic outing, Violette at the Coucou and l’Avenue, which just opened in the heart of the Big Apple.

On weekends, a brunch at Brooklyn’s Carthage Must Be Destroyed is a no brainer! In spite of its eccentric name, it has a great atmosphere and the food is delicious.

                                           Photo Credit: FORD

As a new mom, Violette also talked to us about her recent green awareness. “After my first child was born, I wanted to educate myself further about the ingredients in the products I buy, as well as the philosophy behind the brand. I try new brands like Aveda for haircare and Briogeo for masks and shampoos.”

This month, Violette is not only going to enjoy some cocooning with her baby, but also going to celebrate her renewed partnership with Estée Lauder. The makeup line, Oh Naturelle, consists of an eye palette, a face blush (also usable for the eyes) and four lipsticks in delicious nude tones. The launch of Violette’s new YouTube channel also anticipates great success with a renewed concept and expansion into fashion, wellness and haircare expertise. BWB loved following the itinerary of this talented young woman, so we can’t wait to discover this more educational version of Violette’s glam genius.

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