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Browse our selection of ready-to-go eye masks that will fit right in your purse.

The eyes are the windows to how tired we really are. As one of the most delicate parts of our faces, the eye contour requires special care in order to reflect the happiness and youth that resides within.

So whether you are recovering from an after party, or just tired from a long plane ride, we have you covered with a selection of ready-to-go eye masks that will fit right in your purse.

Valmont has pursued effective, high-performance anti-aging treatments since 1985. Through expert combination of DNA and various elements like Copper and Zinc, they have formulated science-based solutions to eliminating external signs of aging.

Valmont understands that stress and fatigue manifest in the skin above and below around the eyes. Their Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask is an energizing and smoothing decongestant patch that invigorates the skin above and below the eyes in record time. This product can be used daily or once per week.

To apply, press firmly on the liquid pouch with both thumbs and wait for the liquid to spread throughout the patch, activating the treatment. Turn the patch over and remove the aluminum film. Place the anti-aging mask beneath the eye for 15-20 minutes to relax the area, reduce wrinkles, and tone and firm the skin.

Talika is a skincare company dedicated to facilitating the vital flow of energy between nature and women. President Alexis de Brosses travels the world to discover precious rituals that allow skin to reveal its natural beauty potential. Their Eye Decompress mask is a compact, portable and ready for use whenever the need arises.

When pressure is applied to the top capsule, the lower capsule fills with treatment liquid that soaks the mask material. With active ingredients like Japanese rose petals, Escin (a decongestant), and chamomile waters, the mask will rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin around your eye. The best part? It comes with an exclusive relaxation podcast with Iyengar yoga professor Arnaud Caby. In just ten minutes, greet the world with a renewed, radiant gaze.

Filorga was born out of a medical laboratory. In 2007, their products become available to general consumers for the first time, so intricate were their anti-aging skincare formulas and techniques. With over 35 years of practice in quality and tradition, Filorga has perfected the best nonsurgical techniques for skin rejuvenation, one of which is their Optim-Eyes Patch.

The patches contain a polysaccharide-rich ingredient for dark circles, peptides with Hamamelis and Cornflower for puffiness, and a smoothing molecule to visibly reduce eye wrinkles. After fifteen minutes, the patch produces a relaxed, hydrated, and rested look about your eyes.

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