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Lucrezia Buccellati

Interview with Buccellati’s co-creative designer.

Born into a family of exquisite jewelry designers, the youngest Buccellati is a risk-taker. Once encouraged to be a singer, Lucrezia Buccellati took it upon herself to delve into her family’s business with an open mind. She offers a fresh perspective and a feminine grace that speak to the new era of Buccellati’s designs. Working alongside her father, Lucrezia’s strong identity holds its own through the brave new visions she has for the company. BWB took a moment to speak with the young designer about her creative vision, daily life and, of course, her beauty secrets.


For starting your own line within the Buccellati House

I have a passion for sparkling jewelry and gems, which are part of my DNA.  I attended an artistic high school and studied at FIT in New York. The first collection I designed was Blossoms made in sterling silver and inspired by the natural beauty of nature.  The collection is fun and is effortless in how you wear it. I work and collaborate alongside my father and together we have designed many collections.

How to stay creative

I’m a very creative person, whether I am designing jewelry, painting, taking photos, or creating videos. When I’m designing a collection, I go into a deep creative mode where I try to absorb everything around me in the world and express it in the jewelry I create. There are a lot of emotions in every piece we create so I call them fairytale jewelry collections.

Where you go for inspiration

When I’m in New York, I like to see special exhibitions at museums or galleries. I also like to go to art fairs, like Art Basel Miami, which I recently attended this past December.  There are so many established and up-and-coming artists that use different techniques that I am attracted to. Fashion weeks also play a big role in my designs. I am inspired by the materials, colors and styles I see on the runway. Last but not least, I am very inspired by nature.  I try to evoke the simplicity of nature when I create pieces.

Go-to lunch & dinner places

I normally get my lunch from Sant Ambroeus, a little café on Madison and 61st Street.  I’m always in a rush and I don’t like to have a big lunch. My favorite restaurant is a small place called Donguri, a true Japanese restaurant on 83rd Street.

Favorite places to shop for the home

I’m currently designing my country house.  I like a mix of both modern and vintage décor.  I shop at 1st Dibs showroom for specialty items, Water Works for bathroom fixtures, Boffi or Eggersmann’s for my kitchen and Restoration Hardware for living room furniture.  I have two small kids and two dogs, so I am always thinking of them when I purchase furniture.

Morning beauty routine

I use Natura Bisse’s The Cure All-in One Cleanser when I wake up in the morning.  Before I apply my make-up, I like to use a good intensive base cream like Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Flash Instantly Hydrating Perfecting Balm. I keep my make-up very simple and natural unless there is a special event I am attending.  I always use Clinique’s bronzer with SPF protection. To moisturize, I like to use coconut oil.  When it’s very cold outside, and my skin gets very dry, I like to use Cetaphil body cream.

Perfect outfit

My perfect, go-to outfit is a simple pair of jeans with a cute shirt, a fun blazer and my Buccellati Macri bangles.

Must-have skincare products

My favorite face cream is NuSkin ageLOC. I also use Clarin’s tonic oil.  I started using it when I was pregnant and never stopped. It smells amazing!

Favorite beauty products

Bronzer: Clinique bronzer
Eyeshadow: Chanel Eyeshadow 246 Tisse
Highlighter: Laura Mercier

Mascara: Guerlain
Perfume: Acqua di Parma

Your future plans for the line

There are many new collections launching in the next year that I’m very excited about. We have a new silver jewelry line launching that I think will be a huge success.

Ideal travel destinations down the road

I want to take a trip to South Korea for inspiration for the next collection I design. I’d like to travel somewhere warm and near the ocean with my family for vacation.  Maybe Fiji, Brazil or Costa Rica.

Taylor Johnson

Taylor is a recent honors graduate of Rhode Island School of Design’s Painting and Art History Department. A dual-citizen in Belgium and the U.S. with frequent wanderlust, a passion for editorial, and an affinity for sketching, she is now exploring the connection between art and beauty.

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