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Adelaide Bourbon Eve Denim

Meet EVE Denim’s Timeless Raw Denim Guru: Adélaïde Bourbon

When Adélaïde Bourbon realized that the seventies chic denim she longed for wasn’t easily accessible in stores, she created Eve Denim and made them herself!

When Adélaïde Bourbon realized that the seventies chic denim she longed for wasn’t easily accessible in stores, she created Eve Denim and made them herself! Paris born, New York raised, and inspired by vintage styles of the ‘60s and ‘70s, Bourbon pursued the rigid denim of her dreams to create each piece for her new line. Vogue’s Rebecca Johnson perfectly describes Eve Denim’s eclectic aesthetic as “a cross between disco chic and cowgirl cool.” We had a chance to talk to Adélaïde and learn more about what makes Eve Denim unique.

Adelaide Bourbon with camera

Adélaïde taking behind the scenes shots on set in Paris

You created Eve Denim after you felt unfulfilled by the denim that’s available in stores now. What exactly did you feel was missing?

I searched endlessly for the perfect vintage fit (high waisted, in beautiful authentic, rigid denim) like iconic denim did in its heyday. The best I could find were vintage pairs that fell apart after a few washes because they had been worn thin over the years. On top of how long it took to source the perfect fit (hours of digging), the cost for one pair was astronomical!  I thus set out to make my perfect fits– a fusion of silhouettes throughout many decades– that would be made from scratch, withstand the test of time, and become heirloom pieces to lovingly pass down.

Can you share what makes your denim so special?

Hands down, the fit is what sets Eve Denim apart from the rest. I really have perfected the perfect pair by fusing 2-3 vintage pieces into one.

The Charlotte, for example, is based off my favorite white sailor pant from the 70’s. However, I longed for it to be in raw, blue indigo. I had another pair of jeans with an exposed button-down fly, but I wasn’t totally in love with the rest of the pant. I would liken it to cooking… adding dashes of different spices (in this case, different design elements from different pieces) in order to come up with the perfect pair of jeans.

Embracing that denim gets better with time is also what sets Eve Denim apart from other denim brands. We champion denim at all stages– raw, medium wash, super light stone wash– and we carry that sentiment through our muses and cherish them at all ages. We do not believe in expressing a message in fashion as a singular age, as that is so narrow-minded and totally unrealistic. Denim is a practical, everyday fabric rooted in reality, and it is meant to be worn by many, in all stages of life.

Eve Denim fall lookbook

How do you think your French-American background has inspired your work?

It has shaped and formed Eve Denim completely. From the French side, I have a sense of cherishing your belongings and passing them down as heirlooms. From the American side, I have a sense of entrepreneurship and the will to create something from scratch if I see the need for it.

What is your go-to daytime look? And favorite accessories?

This summer, you can find me under a straw hat, wearing a white cotton button down tucked into my Eve Denim Charlotte Culotte with Amelie Pichard silk platform espadrilles.

What is your beauty routine and favorite products?

Klorane Shampoo with Chamomile – This is SO french. The chamomile turns your hair blonde. I don’t know that I really believe it, but it’s one of those things that you just do anyway!

Haitian Black Castor Oil – I discovered this oil at Whole Foods Market. I’m trying to grow my hair out very long, and the tingly sensation of rosemary when I massage it into my roots makes me feel like I am really nourishing my hair, feeding my strands and stimulating growth.

David Mallett Mask No. 2 Le Volume – I have very fine hair that sometimes falls flat, and I love to use this mask to combat this.


French Girl Organics – Menthe/Romarin Cleansing Wash – I use this cleanser for when I am breaking out.

Rose & Chamomile Cleansing Milk – This cleansing milk from Organic Pharmacy is great for when I am on the dryer side. It is way too rigid to go with only one cleanser, as our PH changes everyday and as we travel through different climates.

Peel Me a Papaya Enzymatic Exfoliant from Simply Divine Botanicals – This powder turns into an exfoliating mask when it comes into contact with water. It gives you a noticeable glow that leaves people asking, “What have you done?!” Extremely satisfying.

Creme Fraiche Facial Moisturizer Neroli/Camomille – This moisturizer from French Girl Organics is great for keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day.

Retexturizing Night Cream – I use this cream from January Labs at night. I also love using her moisturizers in conjunction with her tonic mist for an extra moisturizing boost that locks in moisture.

Ylang Ylang Purifying Night Balm– For a richer moisturizer, I reach for my all time FAVORITE smell of all beauty products from Decleor Aroma. HEAVEN!


Grown Alchemist Chamomile, Bergamot, & Rosewood body wash and coconut oil to moisturize

As a French in New York, what are your favorite places in the city?


Omen Azen for sushi, Le Botaniste, Indochine, Raoul’s and Russ & Daughters (NYC landmark and Jewish deli that I seriously lust after all the way from LA)


Flower Power Herbs & Roots, owned and operated by Flower Shaman and wise woman Lata Chettri. It sells a wide array of herbs, roots and essential oils, as well as a small selection of herb books.

The Mask Bar on Howard in SoHo, for all Korean and Japanese face masks! I stock up on hyaluronic acid ones for flights.

Aedes De Venustas for candles and perfume in the West Village. You would be hard-pressed to find a scent they don’t carry… they really have it all.

Kiehl’s Pharmacy – Growing up, I LIVED for coming here to see their wonderful original apothecary wall from 1851 holding all the goodies and samples like a cabinet of wonders. The white coats give you such a sense of the history and pride to the operation.

Pasteur Pharmacy – As a French girl in the US, you long for a French pharmacy, and my mother would take me to this one on Lex between 62nd and 63rd. They have a wide selection of beauty products– hard-to-find European ones– and Mason Pearson hair brushes, which my very non-fussy, no make-up wearing mother couldn’t live without. Her ONE beauty must have.

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